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Trump? Biden? MAGA? Top PolitiFi Meme Coins to Load Up on Before November Elections

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Top PolitiFi meme coin picks that look ready to explode as we get nearer to the November USA Presidential Elections.

In this article, discover the top PolitiFi meme coins set to explode ahead of November’s US Presidential Elections – could these tokens surge amid Trump MAGA hype and Biden’s incumbent campaign?

PolitiFi (Political Finance) is a legitimate sector within crypto right now. Coingecko even has a category for it! The majority of these political meme coins are built on Solana, and the three most established projects are Jeo Boden (BODEN), MAGA (TRUMP), and Independence Token (RFKJ).

These three meme coins have a combined $420m market cap and are processing over $25m of volume per day.

PolitiFi meme coin category on coingecko


This hot narrative is due to the upcoming USA Presidential election in November, later this year.

Due to their antics and personas, Trump and Biden are incredibly easy to make meme-able content, which makes it no surprise that they have become such popular meme coin projects.

With Trump and Boden sitting at $190m and 210m market cap respectively, many investors believe there isn’t much more juice to squeeze from these tokens.

Therefore, we will look at two smaller market cap PolitiFi meme coins that look ready to make similar parabolic moves as the aforementioned TRUMP and BODEN.

Alickshundra Occasional-Cortex (AOC) – PolitiFi Meme Coin on the Rise

trump biden


This hilarious PolitiFi meme coin is based on the ultra-progressive US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The community has been creating amazing content, including this AOC rap song.

Many great memes regarding the AOC token can be found on social media, and as a result, there are just shy of 1,000 holders (981).

With a market cap of just $1.7m and over $350k in volume over the past 24 hours, AOC is holding up extremely well during this choppy period in the wider crypto market.


Expect AOC to be extremely vocal from now until the election in November. She is notorious for her dislike of Trump and has been supportive of Biden in the past.

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Tooker Kurlson (TOOKER) – Close to Catching up With Biden and Trump?

trump biden

TOOKER is a parody PolitiFi meme coin based on Tucker Carlson and is poised to become one of the leading projects in this space.

The team has an amazing vision and has been creating hilarious animated news segments and interviews in a similar fashion to those hosted by Tucker himself. They even have a YouTube channel where these news segments are being uploaded.


Tucker Carlson is a close friend of Donald Trump and has spoken out against Biden in the past, so it is safe to assume Tucker will have lots of content regarding November’s Election over the coming months.

TOOKER briefly touched the $100m market cap level on the 12th of April but has since retraced to $37m. Even with this retrace, it is still processing over $1.7m in volume daily.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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  1. $TOOKER partnered with Ran Neuner and Crypto Banter.. becoming a legitimate media company generating revenue. Not just a meme coin anymore

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