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PR: Trucoin – Now Compliant, and Legally Authorized to Sell Bitcoin in 31 States

Trucoin Increases Daily Purchasing Power to an Unprecedented One Thousand Dollars a Day and Adds Six More States Including California., has upped the ante for the title of the fastest way to buy bitcoin adding six more states and increasing customer purchasing power to one thousand dollars a day.

Atlanta, GA — February 3, 2015 —​Since Trucoin launched to twenty ­six states in early November of 2014, thousands of people have been able to experience the fastest way to buy bitcoin without any delays. Trucoin is now raising the bar by adding six more states and increasing the amount of bitcoin customers can buy instantly to $1000 daily. California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Utah, Nevada, and Delaware will all be able to sign up and buy more bitcoin than anywhere else on the internet instantly. Additionally, the signup process has also been enhanced to allow more people to be instantly approved.

“One of our first goals we outlined early on to help increase adoption was to allow folks who are new to bitcoin to purchase and take receipt instantly. We have had excellent results from our fraud mitigation process to date, which has translated directly into the fastest way to buy more bitcoin online using a debit or credit card than anywhere else in an instant,” remarked Chris Brunner, President of Trucoin.

“Our team has put a lot of work into getting as many folks automatically approved and buying as possible. Early tests with our new improvements indicate that we are doing that. Upwards of 90% of our new users who are inside our coverage area are able to sail through and buy in minutes,” said Brent James of Executive Vice President at Trucoin.

“We have more plans to make buying easier for everyone in Q1. We are looking at adding American Express and Discover Card support soon. Additionally, we will be providing more options to fund and purchase even more bitcoin to compliment our debit and credit card service,” said James.

The addition of six more states now brings the total number of US states supported by Trucoin to thirty one*. Trucoin’s commitment to operating in a fully ­compliant manner has required careful review of each state’s laws and compliance requirements.

“Our path of achieving compliance before operating in each jurisdiction takes time but we are excited about adding this coverage. It’s a big deal for us and the bitcoin community,” said Brunner. “We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish to date and look forward to bringing folks even more options to buy bitcoin instantly very soon.”


About Trucoin Global

Trucoin is an industry leading FinTech company specializing in the digital currency sector. At present, Trucoin is pioneering compliance and bitcoin adoption in the United States.


For more information:

Brent A. James

VP Marketing and Communication

Email ­ [email protected]

Phone ­ 720­-465-­6493


*The additional 6 states only bring the total to 31 due to the removal of Washington D.C.*

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