Three new committees take charge of the legal matters at the Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation has recently created three different legal committees to overcome the recent problems that have been affecting the cryptocurrency world and try to guide businesses and individuals who use Bitcoin.

The legal matters will now be divided into three groups: the Law and Policy Steering Committee headed by Mike Hearn, the Legal Defense Committee directed by Brian Klein and the Regulatory Affairs Committee managed by Marco Santori, who talked with 99Bitcoins recently.

Talking to the blog Coindesk, Santori said that the foundation is “putting together a team of people to engage regulators across the country in a conversation – to try and be proactive about Bitcoin education”. That being said, the three committees are trying to attract people from every north-American state to bridge the regional differences.

“We need people in every state because it’s our aim to make sure all the voices get heard, not just the loudest”, the attorney adds. The first goal of his committee will be the matter of regulation. In other words, trying to understand what is going on and what can be done, monitoring the changes as they happen.

On the other side, the Legal Defense Committee intends to “create and administer a legal defence fund and a legal defence process”, said Marco Santori. And, then, there’s the Law and Policy Steering Committee, which has the mission to create methods to teach lawmakers and regulators everything they need to know about Bitcoin.


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