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"The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin" Released Worldwide, But Needs Mainstream Viewers

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The documentary, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, has finally been released to the world, being distributed by Gravitas Ventures, and can be watched on Vimeo or Itunes.  The final pricing structure has been worked out to $4.99 for a 72 hour rental, $12.99 to buy a digital copy, $17  to order a DVD, and $20 to order a Blu-ray.  A digital copy, DVD, or Blu-ray can be obtained on the Bitcoin film’s home page, and can, of course, be purchased with BTC.  Unfortunately, the option to pay with Bitcoin is not available on Vimeo, nor can BTC be used on Itunes (though Vimeo may be accepting Bitcoin in the near future), but that should not hamper anyone’s ability to obtain a copy.

The History of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin and It’s Creators

Daniel Mross at Tribeca Talks
Image Courtesy of Zimbio

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a documentary that was originally began by Nicholas and Daniel Mross.

Daniel, one of the writers, is the central focus of the film, and is a co-producer, while Nicholas is also a writer, the director, and producer.  He discovered Bitcoin in 2011, and much of his involvement in the community was documented throughout the movie.

Nick and Juergen Mross at Tribeca Talks
Image Courtesy of Zimbio

Nicholas created the production company, “Fair Acres Films” to produce this film, along with DARONIMAX Media.  He also directed, alongside Brian Hartman, the 2013 film, Riddle, starring Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Harnois.  Riddle was also produced by Brian Hartman, as well as the previously mentioned DARONIMAX Media.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin began filming in early 2012, and has been heavily supported by the community, with a small amount of criticism.  The project war announced on Bitcointalk in March of 2013, and the trailer was posted on Reddit in May of 2013.

While the documentary was being developed, Bitcoin went on a rollercoaster ride of price swings, controversy, breakthroughs, and advances, but the film presents a clear vision of optimism.

Overview of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

As previously mentioned, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin focuses on Daniel Mross’s journey through the world of Bitcoin, starting shortly after his introduction to the currency in 2011.  Throughout the film, various important names in the Bitcoin community make appearances and discuss the benefits of the currency, and projects they are working on.

Gavin Andresen - The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
Gavin Andresen in “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”

Without spoiling too much, some of the people that are featured in the documentary are Charlie Shrem, Gavin Andresen, Vitalik Buterin, Erik Voorhees, Mark Karpeles, Roger Ver, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and quite a few other recognizable figures.  Expect a more detailed review once some time has passed, to give more of our users a chance to watch it for themselves.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss  - The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”

What Impact Will The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Have on the Public?

While it is impossible to predict how successful this project will be outside of the documentary, it is hopeful that it will at least reach those who are curious about Bitcoin, but do not understand the currency.  There have already been reports, mostly from users who managed to get a pre-release copy, of friends and family that could not grasp Bitcoin before watching the film, but now have a solid grasp on the idea, and why it is important.

Of course, in terms of Bitcoin’s future, or the Bitcoin price, the film could have little impact, or it could open the floodgates.

If it catches on in the mainstream, we could see a huge influx of new users who are enthused by their new understanding of cryptocurrency.  It could give the Bitcoin community the boost that is needed due to the rate of corporate Bitcoin acceptance outpacing consumer adoption.

Then again, if few people outside of the Bitcoin community decide to watch the film, or even know if it’s existence, then it will do very little in terms of promoting digital currency.  In my opinion, it would be quite helpful if the film’s marketing team could get the trailer shown on national television stations, or prominent internet sites.  However, this may be outside of the fledgling film company’s budget without the assistance of a wealthy donor / supporter, or inclusion in the recently started project that is aiming to bring informative Bitcoin commercials to the mainstream.

So what will the impact on Bitcoin be?  Only time will tell.  No matter what happens, this documentary is a must-see for all Bitcoin enthusiasts.

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