The new app “Bitcoins with Friends” connects cryptocurrency users

Have you heard about the new hottest app in town called “Bitcoins with Friends”? This amazing social tool helps Bitcoin lovers to connect among them with the help of Facebook. Well, their slogan – “Spreading Bitcoins, one coin at a time” – is pretty self-explanatory.

The app divides the users between two different classes: the newbies and the moguls. The beginners can request help from their friends, in case they’re finding the world of cryptocurrency hard to understand. And, then, the experts can give advices and also lend Bitcoins to their friends, while keeping track of who owes them money.

If you’re thinking of joining the “Bitcoins with Friends” network, don’t waste more time. They are offering 0.001 BTC to every new sign-up for now. So, here’s the link. Enjoy your new social experience and share your opinion.

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