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The Bitcoin Academy and the Bitcoin Bootcamp are coming soon to educate children about cryptocurrency

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The Bitcoin Academy and Bitcoin Bootcamp are two new ideas created by a startup that has the goal to educate children about Bitcoin. This simple idea will allow students of all ages to learn about cryptocurrency in the classroom or through the internet.

“The Bitcoin Academy has a goal of creating a network of classrooms online and in the real world including real dedicated classrooms in major cities around the world. We will organize business clubs and foundations, meetups and conferences, seminars and hangouts, all dedicated to teaching the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a new means of mathematical and financial expression and freedom”, the program’s founder Morgan Rockwell explained to the Bitcoin Magazine.

The company’s businesses, which intends to partner with schools around the nation, are divided into The Bitcoin Academy and the Bitcoin Bootcamp. “The vision for these began when I started thinking about how to introduce Bitcoin to the brick and mortar world. I started creating devices that are open source in both hardware and software that could make a machine accept Bitcoin. I feel that The Bitcoin Academy is a priority to all Bitcoin supporters. I feel there is a missing aspect of education that teaches kids the benefits and how to use Bitcoin. We need to get back to teaching kids math and science again”, Rockwell adds.

The project will kick-off by creating classes about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and will then partner with schools that are open to add the class to their curriculum. For now, the first classes are planned to be held in schools in Portland, Oregon, and the main goal of The Bitcoin Academy will be partnering with K-12 schools while Bitcoin Bootcamp will focus on adopting classes into private schools.

The project is still in the beginning, but to implement such an ambitious plan in public and private schools would be a major breakthrough for the Bitcoin community. Currently, The Bitcoin Academy has a few volunteer teachers and is receiving resumes from professionals interested in teaching at the school. However, Morgan hopes The Bitcoin Academy and Bitcoin Bootcamp can be soon franchised throughout the nation: “all of this takes money, or better yet Bitcoin”, he admits.

“The Bitcoin Academy provides a stepping stone for our students to reach the future they envision”, the founder of the program says, remembering every Bitcoiner out there that the project is accepting donations, which will be used to create the curriculum and provide students with necessary “school supplies” like mining hardware or computers. “The goal is to have the facility and business completely set up before the end of the year”, says Morgan Rockwell.

If you want to help the project, you can make your donation through this webpage or through BitcoinStarter.


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