The best podcasts to know more about Bitcoin

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am


Are you eager to learn more about cryptocurrency? Well, reading about our dear Bitcoin can be boring for some people, but we saw this small list of three great podcasts that you can use to get to know all about digital money.

1. Let’s Talk Bitcoin!


“Let’s Talk Bitcoin!”, like the name says, is a podcast about digital currency that provides regular news and answers to questions from the listeners. If you’re interested in following this news source, subscribe the podcast through “Let’s Talk Bitcoin!“.

2. NPR Money


“NPR Money” is the series from National Public Radio that covers all there is to know about currency. They covered the basics about Bitcoin in episode 450.

3. Security Now


If you’re feeling brave and you want to deepen your knowledge about Bitcoin, check TWiT network’s Security Now podcast, more specifically their episode 287. It covers the Bitcoin protocol in detail and gives you a well explained idea of cryptocurrency. If you miss something, check the notes from the show or read the full transcript of the podcast.

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