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The Assassination Market uses Bitcoin to promote the destruction of “all governments”

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Meet The Assassination Market, a new and very different crowdfunding initiative that mixes the features of a platform like Kickstarter with a desire for political murder and government destruction, according to Business Insider. This website, running on the Tor network, uses crowdfunding to create Bitcoin bounties on the lives of world leaders and authority representatives.

All the targets are submitted by the users and the list already counts with the presence of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, or the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, who has the highest bounty on the platform, 124.14 BTC.



According to the instructions displayed on the website, the concept boils down to four simple steps: someone adds a name to the list along with information about the target, people add money to the dead pool, then other people predict when that person will die (the prediction stays hidden until after the fact) and, finally, the correct predictions get the pool.

To collect the money after a murder, the alleged assassin must prove that they are responsible for the death by predicting the date of the killing ahead of time and embedding it in a donation of at least 1 BTC.

According to the creator of the platform, who uses the pseudonym Kuwubatake Sanjuro and takes one percent of the bounties for his services, “this is a response to the surveillance scandals that took place in the summer of 2013″, boosted by “a deep-rooted hate against oppressive regimes”. Talking with Forbes, the creator of the platform said that he intends Assassination Market to destroy “all governments, everywhere”.

Sanjuro, who describes himself as a “crypto-anarchist”, uses the website to explain his reasons: “killing is in most cases wrong, yes. However, as this is an inevitable direction in the technological evolution, I would rather see it in the hands of me than somebody else. By providing it cheaply and accurately I hope that more immoral alternatives won’t be profitable or trusted enough”.

This should primarily be a tool for retribution. When someone uses the law against you and/or infringes upon your negative rights to life, liberty, property, trade or the pursuit of happiness, you may now, in a safe manner from the comfort of your living room, lower their life-expectancy in return.

(…) I’ll allow anything that has a good reason. Bad reasons include doctors for performing abortions and Justin Bieber for making annoying music. The person should have wronged someone in some way related to the previous question. Politicians, bureaucrats, regulators and lobbyists are accepted without question.

Although the North-American authorities haven’t made any official comment regarding The Assassination Market yet, this project is already considered a serious felony according to the United States law due to the public threats made to public officials.

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  1. Kuwabatake Sanjuro

    I do believe I said “crypto-anarchist”, not crypto-terrorist. If you want to label me a terrorist, fine, but don’t say that I label myself that way.

    1. Our apologies, we’ll change the article. The expression was found in another website and we used it as a source. Thank you.

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