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The 7 most bizarre things you can buy with Bitcoin

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So lately I’ve come across BitMit which is a marketplace based only on Bitcoins. This allowed me to make some interesting discoveries about what people sell and buy with Bitcoins. So without further ado, here are the top 7 most bizzare things people bought with Bitcoin to date.

#7 – A goat

Apparently about 6 months ago someone decided to sell his goat on BitMit. And the nice thing about it is that it’s condition is “new”.

#6 – A Porsche

A family from Austin sold their Porsche for 300 Bitcoins on April 2013.

#5 – A convenience store owner ship


Ever wanted to own a convenience store ? There is currently one for sale at Greenville, NC. for a bargain of 2348 BTC.

#4 – A sperm count

Apparently a doctor from Fertility Care Orange County agreed to receive Bitcoins in exchange for conducting a fertility test.

#3 – A webcam show 

“Sarah Sparkles” which can be found on Twitter @Sarah84Sparkles is offering her show in exchange for Bitcons.

 #2 – A gold mine

Hey….the initial testing looks positive, and they do worldwide deliveries…

#1 – A male striptease show

This handsome young fellow can be found on Strip4Bit, which is basically a website that people accept Bitcoin as payment for taking their clothes off.

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