SYTECH creates world’s first stolen Bitcoin tracing service

Last updated on August 15th, 2013 at 09:12 pm

The well-know company SYTECH, which operates in the field of digital forensic services, is finally working in the Bitcoin world and also accepting digital coin as a form of payment.

The firm recently announced its move into cryptocurrency with two new features: “a stolen Bitcoin tracing and recovery service” and also a data recovery service that can “salvage coins from damaged hard drives, mobile phones and other storage mediums”.

In a press release, the UK-based SYTECH explained they are “offering a Bitcoin retrieval service to individuals, companies and businesses around the globe who may need Bitcoin recovered from damaged hard drives, memory cards and mobile phones. With its professional standing, years of experience and fast turnaround, SYTECH is poised to become the service Bitcoin companies, businesses and enthusiasts will utilise to urgently recover Bitcoin from damaged or compromised storage devices”.

As a welcome gift, the firm is offering a 5% discount to any client who currently pays with Bitcoins. SYTECH hasn’t advertised the new services on the company’s website yet, but that will happen soon.

SYTECH, which has been around since 1978, is registered with the United Kingdom Register of Expert Witnesses, is Bond Solon Courtroom Trained and also checked by Sweet & Maxwell.

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Cool, but good luck with the “Bitcoin tracing and recovery service”…