Symbian and Bitcoin: two apps that make the connection possible

People who have already tried to control Bitcoins through their Symbian smartphone might have had a bad experience, but the truth is that, according to the website All About Symbian, it’s possible to handle your cryptocurrency with this system, by using two special apps.

These applications, which have been around for two years, were designed to work as Bitcoin wallets along with Symbian, displaying exchange information so you can see the current worth of Bitcoin against US dollar, using Mt. Gox as a base, for instance.

1. cuteCoin


This app creates a wallet and provides the latest stats from your mining pool, as well as the latest trading information from some of the largest digital currency exchanges (Mt. Gox and Tradehill, which is temporarily closed). However, the app has proven not be that effective when it comes to some of its features, according to the users. CuteCoin is mainly useful to track the USD/BTC exchange rate on Mt Gox.

2. BitWatch


This application allows you to receive mining pool stats like confirmed and unconfirmed rewards or  the number of shares on the current round. It also allows you to save your Bitcoin address and copy it to the clipboard easily.

You also have other alternative: to use the mobile website of, the blockchain explorer for Bitcoin and host of cloud-based wallets.

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