Support LibreOffice and the Document Foundation with Bitcoin donations

The charitable group Document Foundation, creator of the well-known free office suite LibreOffice, is now accepting Bitcoin donations to support the work of its worldwide community. The software is available in 110 languages and works on any major platform.

“Although the LibreOffice community is active, vibrant and very diverse, achieving the mission of The Document Foundation costs money“, it’s possible to read on the foundation’s website, which adds that “servers and infrastructure need to be provided and maintained, domain names and trademarks need to be registered and taken care of, plus there is an ongoing demand for travel funding of our members, and participation in events”.

That is why “you are more than welcome to donate to our ongoing operations budget” and now it’s possible to do it with Bitcoin. And if you want to know where your money is going, you can always check the foundation’s budget or public reports.

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