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Day 1 - What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin and why is it so revolutionary? In this lesson we will cover the basics of Bitcoin, also known as "the Internet of money". We will understand how and why Bitcoin was created, what makes it so unique and how it developed in the past few years.

Day 2 - What is a Bitcoin wallet?

Now that you know what Bitcoin is it's time to choose your Bitcoin wallet. In this lesson we will go over the different types of wallets out there, pros and cons, and understand how to decide which wallet is best.

Day 3 - What is Bitcoin Mining?

Did you know you can generate Bitcoins by using a special computer? This lesson is all about Bitcoin mining - the way Bitcoin are "born". We will explain what mining is, how to become a miner and what you should take into account before taking your first steps.

Day 4 - The path from "send" to "receive"

Now that you've got the Bitcoin basics covered it's time for a short recap. In this lesson we will go over the path of a single Bitcoin from the moment it is sent until it's received on the other side. Once you complete this short lesson you'll understand exactly how Bitcoin works.

Day 5 - How to Buy Bitcoins?

It's time to buy your first Bitcoins! In this lesson we will go over EVERYTHING you need to take into account before purchasing your Bitcoins. How to choose an exchange, what payment methods will give you the best rates and more are all covered here.

Day 6 - How to keep your Bitcoins safe?

Now that you own some Bitcoins it's time to keep them safe. This lesson is all about Bitcoin security. We will explain the basics of safeguarding your Bitcoin from theft and give you some practical tips you can implement immediately.

Day 7 - What are Altcoins and ICOs?

You're now a Bitcoin expert, but Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency out there. This lesson will explain what are altcoins (alternative coins to Bitcoin). We will also cover the very hot topic of ICO investments and give you some pointers if you want to get started.

Day 8 - A surprise...

If you'll make it to day 8 it shows you're really dedicated. That's why I prepared a special gift for you. Hope to see you there 🙂

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