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The State of Dogecoin Pt. II

This Article is a Continuation of “The State of Dogecoin Pt. 1

23 August 2014

Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

Lets pick up from December 2013. Because this month was hot, figuratively speaking of course. But what I mean is that it marked the 2-year point at which cryptos as a whole began to flourish. If ‘All Things Digital’ had become a startup that month, you now would’ve been subscribed to a daily edition of ‘All Things Alt.’. At the time, I was entering the implementation phase of  an exchange 1.5 years in the works, yet somehow I found myself on ‘Hangouts On Air’ sessions with a group of crypto enthusiast about developing a new coin and establishing a global conference similar to WWDC and Google I/O – the latter’s still in the works btw.

That December and the 11 months before it saw the epitome of adoption; an influx of every Keiser Report viewer; trader who could understand an index; mom & pop who heard of someone’s wealth increasing over night; every con artist who saw opportunity; and every dev who, like every teenager who saw the ‘Social Network’ felt they could be the next Zuckerburg, felt they could be the next Satoshi.

. . . . . December was hot. And in walked Dogecoin. So cool.

This was during my Twitter days where, like now, cryptocurrencies were more of an activist movement than anything. If you could imagine the blood that drained from my face when I saw Dogecoin slide down my timeline.     ……..I challenge you because I’m not white. lulz.

No, but seriously: Anoncoin, Megacoin, Digibyte, I could deal with. Hobonickels, Goldcoin, Infinitecoin, you had to be joking. When I saw Dogecoin…furious didn’t cut it. I saw it a threat to the activist movement. I was right, yet wrong at the same time. And this was because of community.

– End of Part II –

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