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Stanford University includes Bitcoin in its startup course

One of the most notorious north-American universities is promoting a Startup Engineering course for young entrepreneurs. And the best news is that the study plan includes the construction of a Bitcoin crowdfunding system. Way to go, Stanford University!

The goal is to create a closer relationship between the students and cryptocurrency, while providing the opportunity to learn with some of the best. In this case, the course will be given by Balaji S. Srinivasan, the co-founder and CTO of genomics startup Counsyl, and Vijay S. Pande, who is the founder and director of the Folding@Home project. Besides, both have academic connections to Stanford. Srinivasan has studied chemistry and holds a bachelors, masters and PhD from Stanford. Pande is even closer to the university, since he’s Stanford’s professor of Chemistry and holds degrees from Princeton University.

This Startup Engineering course will focus on the necessary skills to be an entrepreneur and on the technical skills that must be used during the construction of an online business. After learning all the theory, the students will go on to their final project: build a Bitcoin crowdfunding site, which will feature their own products.

However, the collected coins won’t be the prize, due to legal rules. Instead, the tutors are offering other prizes to the best projects. The question is: where do the gathered Bitcoins go?

The practical course will also count with guest lecturers from Silicon Valley startups and other famous companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook or Coinbase, so the students can learn with the great examples. Take a look at the course guide and discover more about it.


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