Sneaky Bitcoin App, Bity, Slips Past Apple’s Radar


A new bitcoin app capable of handling btc transactions launched this weekend, something most iOS devices aren’t remotely capable of doing outside of some mobile enabled websites according to a recent article by Coindesk.

The app, Bity, has circumvented the usual restrictions and guidelines placed by Apple in regards to any content published on their App Store and has an additional disclaimer instructing users to not hold Apple responsible for any problems or complications they may experience during a transaction.

This is the first native app to actually work around the usual currency bans, with most exchanges and vendors having to opt for HTML5 support in mobile browsers or other inventive solutions.

Christian Moss, the app’s developer, circumvented the restrictions by taking care to not implement a wallet function within the app itself.  Instead the user has to input a Blockchain wallet ID and password.

Bity also supports receiving funds by displaying a QR code directly linking to the user’s wallet, updating the total as transactions occur.

Bity isn’t a complete solution, at least in comparison to the numerous wallet and transaction capable apps allowed on the Android platform, but Apple keeps a much tighter ship and vetting process for any apps on their store.

For the more tech savvy, Apple has always been something of a walled garden, but clever side stepping measures like the one Bity takes are a step in the right direction as far as the integration of bitcoin functionality in day to day life goes.

Bity is functional on both iPhone and iPad devices, being a universal app, however the Send BTC function and QR scanning function are currently unavailable on iPads.

Bity is currently free for iOS users, with a final price not yet announced for the newly introduced app.

Bity’s introduction hopefully spurs additional sidestepping measures from other app developers to work around Apple’s already restrictive marketplace.



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