Why Should I Accept Bitcoin?

Why Should I Accept Bitcoin?

There are several reasons a business owner should start accepting Bitcoin. Because there is no central bank, company or government to control and monitor Bitcoin, there are no longer people between the buyer and the seller to siphon money along the way.

Most credit card companies charge upwards of 3% of an entire transaction on top of a transaction fee. With Bitcoin, there is no required transaction fee and if a user wants to ensure an immediate transfer, they can pay a miniscule transaction fee.

No more exchange rates or money changer fees from anywhere in the world. With regular currency, you would have to go through money changers to accept a foreign currency. With Bitcoin, there are no borders. Bitcoins are the same across the globe.

No more expensive transfers. No more caps on how much you can send. With regular currency, an instant transfer of $2500 US Dollars to China would cost $88 through Western Union. With Bitcoin, it is free.

No more charge-backs. Because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, no one can force you to return money that is sent to you. Of course you should always follow honest business practices, but no more getting scammed by a cancelled check or charge-back.

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