What Are Companies That Accept Bitcoin Saying?

What Are Companies That Accept Bitcoin Saying?

Online superstore Overstock began accepting Bitcoin in January, 2014 and proudly supports the online currency. The Wall Street Journal reports that Overstock.com Chief Executive Patrick Byrne said the company expects Bitcoin Sales to reach $10 to 15 Million. Byrne also shared that Bitcoin orders were usually $80 more than typical orders.





Mega electronics retailer Tiger Direct began accepting Bitcoin in 2014 and has reported over $500,000 in Bitcoin sales. In June 2014, Tiger Direct expanded their Bitcoin acceptance to Canada in response to the great sales and support they have received from the Bitcoin community. Tiger Direct’s Bitcoin expansion will be continuing in the near future as they are planning to roll out Bitcoin sales to their retail locations.





Sean’s Outpost is a homeless shelter in Pensacola, Florida that is primarily funded by the Bitcoin community. The communities support allowed Sean’s Outpost to serve over 30,000 meals in 2013 and paid the first year’s mortgage on a 9 acre homeless sanctuary named Satashi Forest.





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