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RuneScape Now Takes bitcoin

Jagex Games Studio–creator and custodian of the fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape–has announced that they will, as of today, be accepting cryptocurrency payments for their games.

As vanguards of new transaction models throughout their time in business, Jagex will now become the first merchant to partner with BitPay and Adyen to accept bitcoins. In doing so, the company will join the growing number of businesses attracted to the benefits of peer-to-peer, borderless, and charge free payment methods offered by a cryptocurrency.

RuneScape players are now able to use the protocol to purchase membership and partake in microtransactions, such as the game’s hugely popular bonds system. As a consequence, Jagex intends to give their global audience as wide an opportunity as possible when it comes to cost-effective and secure ways of experiencing their games.

“Gamers are smart. We know they get tech, and we know that for them the cryptocurrency protocol is cool and here to stay. By allowing our players to pay however they want, we remove any obstacles between them and having fun,” said David Parrott, payment services director, Jagex. “We’re always examining new and viable ways of widening our payment options, and the excellent services that BitPay and Adyen offer give us the commercial peace of mind to do just that.”

For many gamers, RuneScape was the first MMORPG experience and served as a gateway to many other MMORPG games.

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Shubham Thakur
Shubham Thakur

No, runescape dont accept bitcoin as payment? can you please explain this news.

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