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Roger Ver launches ‘Bitcoin Bounty Hunter’ initiative to fight back against hackers

The famous cryptocurrency supporter Roger Ver, best known for his nickname “Bitcoin Jesus”, is expanding his ‘Bitcoin Bounty Hunter’ and creating a new website. The initiative offers crypto-rewards to digital experts that can track down black hat hackers.

“I am tired of seeing real criminals, with lots of victims being ignored, while traditional law enforcement is busy going after perpetrators of victimless crimes such as those involved in the Silk Road Marketplace“, says Ver in a video published on Youtube where he presents the initiative.

Being one of the first major Bitcoin adopters, Roger Ver has earned a lot of money throughout his crypto-adventure. Of course, that makes him a desired target, especially for hackers. Back in 2012, one of these attackers hacked the online currency exchange Bitcoinica and stole tens of thousands of BTC Ver had stored there, the website Wired recalls.

Also, in May, another hacker illegaly accessed his old Hotmail account and stole important information. But what really changed everything was the recent attack on the old email account used by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of the world’s most famous digital coin. Roger Ver believes the person that broke into his Hotmail account is the same one that hacked Nakamoto’s account last week.

The ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ obviously had enough: “the part that annoys me the most is that all of them [hackers] are smart enough to find honest work”. That is why he is now expanding the idea that he originally launched last spring, when he launched a bounty on the Hotmail hacker.

Ver launched a new website called Bitcoin Bounty Hunter that allows other victims to offer similar bounties. The online page pays for information that might lead to the conviction of the hackers responsible for Bitcoin-related attacks.

According to Ver, the website allows anyone to anonymously create, put BTC into or collect a bounty. The Bitcoin entrepreneur will control the funds and decide when the bounties get paid, but his goal is to really develop the website and make it automatic.

To place and collect a bounty, you must present valid evidence of the hack, forward it to the authorities and wait for a conviction. The reward – which is 37.6 BTC for the person that can identify the hacker that attacked the accounts belonging to Ver and Nakamoto – only gets paid after that.

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