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Review: VisitBit

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I think it is fair to say that I am a power browser of the Internet. I constantly have more tab windows open than most people I know and I spend a fair share of time switching between tasks and tabs each day. When I learned about VisitBit I knew this was an excellent opportunity for me to earn some Bitcoins just by having a browser tab open that I check as I switch tasks, switch tabs or just have some spare time to kill.

VisitBit is a paid to surf website where you visit certain URLs that are directed via a frame and for each visit you are given Bitcoin sent directly to your Bitcoin address. These sort of sites have been around on the Internet for several years and oftentimes the payouts are so low in actual fiat money that they have no value but with Bitcoin the threshold for transactions is so low that you can quickly have these transactions add up.

VisitBit is great because they aren’t giving you points to exchange but actual Bitcoins and they are immediately sending them to your micro wallet account once you’ve completed the captcha between sites. You aren’t going to earn a fortune doing this but I find it easy to simply open a tab up on the site with my address and get it going, then visit other tabs and between my other site visits going back and clicking the Pay Me button and filling out a fast captcha.

I’ve even found a few interesting sites via VisitBit and the sites that they’ve taken me through.

Some of my key tips for earning on VisitBit are….

  1. Open the site in a tab window and then keep surfing in other tabs. Switch back after reading another site and the counter will likely have gone down.
  2. When the Pay Me button displays don’t click it until you are ready to enter the captcha. If you open it and leave it open for more than few minutes the captcha will expire and no longer count.
  3. Visit each day because new sites are often added to the lineup of sites you may visit.

I normally don’t put a lot of time in to Paid to Surf style sites but this one makes earning so easy and so fast that I’ve found while switching tabs and doing other things on the Internet this is such an easy way to make some Bitcoins that I wanted to review and share it with others.

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