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Review: The Free Bitcoin Faucet

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The Free Bitcoin Faucet is a faucet I had never visited before but was tipped off by the owner to take a look at.

This is a fairly new faucet that uses your Microwallet account and offers between 100 – 300 satoshi every hour for your visit.

The faucet is great in that it has very few advertisements that are very much out of the way. The scrolling text above the address box is slightly annoying and looks amateurish at the moment but it does communicate the point you should be returning to the faucet every hour.

The captchas are provided by SOLVEmedia so they are usually very easy to complete.

The payments on this site are instant to your Microwallet account so you never have to worry about reaching a minimum balance on this faucet and your balance from other Microwallet sites combine together to help you achieve a payout faster on Microwallet.

The site offers some basic information for beginners about faucets and Bitcoins and loads rather quickly most times.

While the site doesn’t show the amount of total Bitcoin contained (so you know that the faucet has BTC to pay you in) anywhere it appears the owner has been very responsive and I have reason to believe it will be sticking around for a while because the developer wants to see it really go.

This seems to be an excellent new entry to the Bitcoin faucet world!

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  1. To jest oszustwo. Żaden uczciwy kran nie robi limitu wypłaty na 50000 satoshi. Twórca pozostawia reklamę swojego niby górnictwa, a tam już trzeba zapłacić. Kran jest więc “na wabia”. Nikt jeszcze nie osiągnął kwoty 50000 satoshi, bo co tydzień są zmniejszane minimalne stawki. W dniu dzisiejszym ( 02.02.2020 ) jest tylko 44 satoshi. Zakładam, że nawet jak osiągniesz limit do wypłaty, to i tak ci nie wypłaci. Ja rezygnuję.

  2. I have been using freebitcoin for a while and it’s pretty good. Instantbtc is also a fairly new one that I have had good luck with. Takes me less than 2 weeks to his the payout amount to have it sent straight to my xapo wallet. **affiliate link removed**

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