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Review: Bitcoin Tap

I’m always a fan of the most basic faucets and Bitcoin Tap is another great Microwallet faucet that is another daily visit.

Bitcoin Tap is awesome because of the lack of in your face advertisements, the fast loading of the site and the decent payouts you can receive from it.

Bitcoin Tap payout between 400 satoshi and 2000 satoshi. This isn’t as much as you can earn from some hourly faucets but one thing to keep in mind is you only need to visit it once per day making it an excellent start in the morning after checking your email.

The site like many others uses recaptcha which isn’t one of my favorite services but also is fairly simple to solve at most times.

The payouts are immediate to your Microwallet account (read more about Microwallet here). Sadly however the faucet doesn’t feature the total balance that is currently remaining on it but over the past several days I’ve found that it always has enough of a balance to payout so I’m not sure it is a major issue but being able to see it is always nice.

This faucet gets decent marks from me because it is simple, doesn’t contain an obscene level of advertisements and does load quickly and pays out immediately.

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