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Reddcoin reveals a "Social Wallet", POSV updates, and a Social Platform.

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Reddcoin is a currency that I have been following for some time, and most of the community has been patiently waiting for the currency to release, and switch to, Poof of Stake Velocity (POSV).

Yesterday, Laudney, the lead developer of Reddcoin, announced that an,”Announcement tomorrow will be made shortly after block 190,000.”  While most expected that this was to announce the imminent release of POSV, the actual announcement was something much bigger.

Reddcoin’s Social Wallet

Not only is POSV nearing public beta, but also a completely new type of wallet, known as a “social wallet”, has been developed.  This wallet is:

the first ever fully functional cryptocurrency wallet that integrates various social features such as IRC chat, news feed, and official announcement. It has been designed to be easily extensible and many more social features, such as music, video, games, will be introduced one by one in coming months. The social wallet enhances user engagement, and along with PoSV, increases network security, and fits right in with Reddcoin’s goal to become the social currency of the digital age.

Reddcoin Wallet Twitter

The social wallet enjoys a completely new UI design that makes the traditional QT UI look obsolete. It can act as a local desktop application or work with daemons running on remote servers through encrypted RPC calls. It’s fully functional on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Reddcoin Wallet Addresses

The social wallet is already being used by Reddcoin developers on a daily basis. Starting from today, everyday we’ll send out invitations to the Top 10 Contributors of the Day to join us in beta testing. In coming weeks, the social wallet will be available to all.

Reddcoin Wallet Chat

 The Social Platform

The developer went on to vaguely mention a “next-generation social platform” which was very limited in it’s description:

The goal of Reddcoin is to enrich and facilitate human social interactions. Our next-generation social platform is also under active development. Tipping across all social networks will be an important component of the platform but that’s not all. At this stage, we are deliberately very secretive about the details of the platform due to competitive reasons. In summer, you’ll find out more about the big picture and the details.

Personally, I have been a supporter of Reddcoin since before it’s launch, and even invested a small amount in the original IPOC.  That may make me a little biased, but I think these developments and pictures speak for themselves.  If the Reddcoin team can pull this off, it will be a huge step forward, and show the innovation that is possible in the digital currency world.  I fully expect that many other dev teams will attempt to emulate these programs and systems, but at the rate things are currently going, the Reddcoin team will always stay one (or three) steps ahead.

This will be interesting to watch, and you can expect that Coin Brief will keep you updated on the latest developments.

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    1. Hi Taivin,

      As far as I know, these are different projects. Reddcoin’s ticker symbol is RDD. I haven’t heard of the WIRE token but it sounds like an ICO token for a yet-to-be-developed project, whereas Reddcoin was launched some time ago.

  1. This wallet really does look awesome. Not the same old interface that most coins use. Lets see how much further they develop it.

  2. There is so much innovation here, and the coin is very under priced. There is no telling how high Reddcoin will go, but it will certainly shine well over the course of the coming months, possibly years if it becomes widely used by the general public.

  3. I like this new RDD wallet. many fitur on it, especially Twitter and Chat on it. so we won’t missed any RDD news

  4. The wallet looks good. It’s nice to see a wallet that looks different from all the other wallets that look the same. It looks like Reddcoin is becoming more innovative with the social aspect.

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