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Reddcoin’s ReddAPI is Shutting Down…Withdraw Your RDD

For quite some time now, Coin Brief has had a program that rewarded users with 500 Reddcoins (RDD) for their first comment on an article each day.  This is a program we started long ago, shortly after Coin Brief was launched…

Reddcoin Program Stopping – Please Withdraw Your RDD

While this program is not something we have really focused on, or advertised since it was originally implemented, it has continued uninterrupted.

Unfortunately, that must be suspended for now.  We would love to continue using Reddcoin to reward our users, but recent events have resulted in ReddAPI announcing that they will be shutting down next month.  As our system uses ReddAPI to handle the reward payments, and wallets, we will need to redesign it to function without ReddAPI.

Because ReddAPI is shutting down completely, all users that have created an account with us should withdraw their RDD from their Coin Brief account.  After ReddAPI shuts down, those accounts will no longer be accessible.  The shutdown is scheduled to occur on February 19th, and Shane, the creator of ReddAPI, has explained why he will discontinue the service here.

Laudney’s Response Regarding Reddcoin, Ltd

The reasoning behind ReddAPI shutting down seems to be based on disagreements between Laudney and himself, as well as some other incidents. Also, he seems to be unhappy with the direction Reddcoin’s Dev Team is moving.  Before announcing the shut down, ReddAPI also threatened to “expose” the company created by Reddcoin’s team, Reddcoin, Ltd., if the developers did not come forward about it themselves.

Laudney, the lead developer for Reddcoin, responded to this by explaining the creation of Reddcoin, Ltd, and it’s function, on the Reddcointalk forums:

Reddcoin Ltd's Purpose


I will be reaching out to Laudney, as well as Shane, the developer of ReddAPI, to try to determine exactly what has happened here.  I have been following Reddcoin since it’s inception, and have written about Reddcoin’s POSV algorithm, the Reddcoin Social Wallet, and other  projects.  Even so, ReddAPI shutting down was a complete surprise to me.  However, based on the direction Reddcoin’s development has been going, I expect that part of the development will, effectively,  remove the need for ReddAPI.

It is sad to see Shane go, and ReddAPI was a very useful service, but disagreements such as this sometimes happen.  From reading what was written on ReddAPI’s website, I get the impression that one of the biggest problems was related to how Shane viewed Reddcoin, and it’s development, vs how Laudney viewed it.

It has been known for some time that Laudney, and his team, are very serious about their work.  That is one of the things that has drawn some people to Reddcoin, as the professionalism is impressive.  On the other hand, Shane is a talented developer himself, but seems to have been working on ReddAPI for fun (and probably to make a little money), as well as other, unrelated projects.  There is nothing wrong with either of these approaches, but they obviously do not mesh together very well.

As soon as I have an update on this situation, along with comments from both sides, or know when we will be able to resume our RDD program, I will be sure to let everyone know.

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  1. I’m glad I saw this announced on the video coinbrief released on youtube 😀 a couple thousand redd straight to my wallet.

  2. BRAVO. Decent explanation so far. I look forward to the follow up. Better that he pulls the third party ReddApi now than later.

    This shows a need to move it in house using ReddSight or similar, and release it open source vs relying on a third party such as ReddApi who may shut it down due to personal disagreements.

    As a service provider myself (non cryptocurrency related) I know the importance of running services that dont rely on third parties if it can be helped. Had to learn the hard way , with certain google services no less.

    1. Just to clarify. When I said “Better that he pulls the third party ReddApi now than later” I was referring to Shane pulling the service. I was in no way suggesting Laudney pulled it.

      Sad, I know a lot of work went into this, however better sooner than later in this situation, if indeed it was going to happen anyways. This would have been a lot worse, if it had happened later when more webmasters/service providers were using it.

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