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Crowdsourcing Questions for GAW Miners and Josh Garza

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As many of you know, we recently published an article related to GAW Miners, and the SEC inquiry that has been launched to investigate GAW, Paybase, etc.  Since that time, Josh Garza has reached out to me.  To be fair, I asked if he would be willing to answer legitimate questions about what is happening with his companies, Paycoin, etc. and provide proof to back up any claims.  He has agreed.

What Do You Want to Know About GAW Miners?

While I have a list of questions that I would like answered, I also know that I cannot possibly hope to cover everything that needs to be answered.  So, I am turning to the community to help me.  By crowd sourcing this, I hope to get a comprehensive list of questions to send, which will, hopefully, result in honest responses from the GAW Miners, it’s related companies, and the CEO.

Please, try to keep these questions as civil as possible.  If your question involves an accusation, try to also provide us with documentation, screenshots, or other evidence to support those accusations.

As we are using Google Forms for this, you can submit evidence by uploading it to Google Drive, an image upload service, or some other cloud storage provider.  Then give contact form access to view it, and/or provide a link to the files in the form.

Otherwise, please email any evidence directly to me at contact form, with the title “Evidence for GAW Question” and include the response you used in the form so I can easily connect the two.

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