Your Opinion on USI TECH

Don Jordan asked 6 months ago

Last updated on January 30th, 2018 at 03:37 pm

I am very interested in your opinion the USI TECH program

Rambo replied 4 weeks ago

I did join and I invested in bitcoin Packages and their crypto tokens. The got a ceast order like bitconnect (hmmm) so they stopped all transactions in the usa and canada, but can still work in other countries.
So bit connect stopped all together
Now recently USI Tech said we would be on hold for 2 weeks. The other day they said 48hrs we an withdraw our profits. and they said in a month we can go back to normal. so Ill keep u guys updated. If anyone else have any inside info that u can share, im all ears

Steven Hay replied 2 months ago

Hey Yusuf,

As far as I can determine, USI-Tech is an efficient mechanism for separating unsophisticated people from their money. I suggest that you check out our page on avoiding such things:

Next, check out the opinion of this guy, who is famous for busting scams:

Yusuf replied 2 months ago

What’s Usitech is all about

Rambo replied 3 months ago

Did u invest in USI Tech? I recently did

Brandon Watkins replied 4 months ago

Hey i was wondering if you were still interested or just wondering how USI-Tech is legitimate? I’d be happy to answer and provide proof to questions you may have.

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Zsofia Elek answered 6 months ago

Hi Don Jordan, 
We don’t have experience on USI Tech, but the Google results are a bit worrying. If you are ever in doubt if a site is legit or not, I suggest you use the Bitcoin Scam Test tool and try to draw your own conclusion.
The topic of Bitcoin investments is really tricky. I suggest starting out by reading this post about Bitcoin investments. If you’re looking for sites that multiply your Bitcoins or give you exceptionally high yield on them (also known as HYIPs), I strongly suggest staying away from them as they are usually scams.

Steven Hay replied 3 weeks ago

Hey Angess,

Please see our Bitcoin Scam Test which Zsofia linked elsewhere in this thread. I guarantee that if you run the USI-Tech site through it, more than a few red flags will come up.

I also suggest that you check out this well-known scambuster’s take on USI-Tech:

In short, USI-Tech is almost certainly a scam and is best avoided!

Agness Assey replied 3 weeks ago

Hi! Am from Africa. I’m interested on investing on USI Tech however, am notsure if is scam or legit. Please advice me before.

Rambo replied 3 months ago

are u guys gonna post about USI Tect like you did Bit connect

cp answered 3 months ago

Im iterested to know your take on USI-Tech… like you did Bitconnect.

J answered 2 months ago

Hi, I read your review on Bitconnect. In the review you mentioned USI-Tech. I put a little in about a month ago and besides hitting less than the average, everything else seems fine. I’m looking forward to reading your review to see if adding more is a sound decision. Thanks.