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Kai asked 2 weeks ago

Would you please take a look at and give me your opinion (NOT BINDING)
How you would rate this project? it seems a big thing, but they dont offer enough information.
And I have joined their Telegram group, but after I have asked many questions, and asked if they are a scam and other question, they kicked me out from the group, But I still thinking of that project, that is sure a big mistake to kick me out, but its not the only point to decide about that project. So I need your opinions about

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Kai,
Well, I checked it out. It’s Ethereum for Wall Street with a little token generator built in. I’m not really impressed, although admittedly I didn’t check out their tech. I doubt it does much differently to ETH, perhaps more secure contracts or whatever.
I think this project will live or die depending on the level of demand from financial companies. If it New York Stock Exchange decides to rebase to Polymath, sure it’ll do well. But I kinda doubt that will happen. In my opinion, it might be worth putting a little money into on the off chance it gets some hype or partnerships going. Of course, you should do a lot more research on your own… but it doesn’t seem particularly scammy to me, no more than any other ICO at least. Personally I don’t like ICOs so I won’t be putting my own money in, I may re-evaluate once they have a released, working product.

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