Will Bitcoin Cash replace BTC?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsWill Bitcoin Cash replace BTC?
Arthur Oliveira asked 3 months ago

Last updated on November 12th, 2017 at 09:41 pm

Will Bitcoin Cash replace BTC?

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Steven Hay answered 3 months ago

Hi Arthur,
No, absolutely not. Bitcoin’s repository has over 100 highly talented developers, many of whom are the leading experts in cryptocurrency and related fields. Bitcoin’s thriving ecosystem of users, projects and companies – many strongly opposed to Bcash – is unlikely to ever unanimously accept Bcash as a substitute.
While Bcash has the backing of well-funded financiers, at least one monopolist miner and a smooth-talking salesman and his shill brigade, this is simply not enough to displace Bitcoin. The “Bcash group” of forkers can manipulate price and hashrate, create all kinds of fork attacks and generate an impressive amount of noise… What they can’t do is attract competent and credible people to their cause. Their underhanded tactics and multiple attacks on the open source and decentralized nature of Bitcoin serve to turn away the type of people necessary to their coin’s development.
A coin can only get so far on hype and market manipulation; ultimately it requires cypherpunks writing code to remain competitive or even relevant.

JDB replied 3 months ago

BTC price is going down, is it because of BCH? Do you advise to buy BCH and sell BTC?