why does Qoinpro Bal Page dated OCT 2017, MISSING coins?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionswhy does Qoinpro Bal Page dated OCT 2017, MISSING coins?
moderator SFCrypto Hobby Club asked 3 weeks ago

Logged in to acct at Qoinpro.com and coins appear to be missing and Last Updated Date shows OCT 2017 anyone know why?
Already tweeted to @qoinpro no response yet.

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Steven Hay answered 3 weeks ago

Hi there,
I saw your post on the QoinPro thread on BTCtalk. If you checked out the other recent comments there, I’m sure you’ll be aware that QoinPro are still active but dealing with a lot of fires right now. Mostly they seem to be struggling with supporting all the recent forkcoins…
Going back further in the thread, I saw a few people commenting that QoinPro is a scam which lures people in with free coins, gets them to deposit a significant amount and then never allows them to withdraw it…
Honestly, I’m in two minds. What I will say is that if you get your coins back, you should hold them in a personal wallet in future. Webwallets are notoriously bad for stealing coins and this one seems sketchier than most… Good luck.

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