Where to report Bitcoin User as Scammer

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rhonda brochner asked 1 year ago

Can you tell me where I can post information about a scammer using Circle Pay (and BitCoin) to scam money from people?  My bank can’t help me and Circle Pay disclaims liability – but I just want someone to help me find this jerk, and prevent others from doing business with him.

RITA RAVEN replied 4 weeks ago

MAHI WORKS WITH BITCOIN PRO TRADE…forgot to add that. Stole a substantial sum of funds by posting his bitcoin address on my site. please spread the word.

RITA RAVEN replied 4 weeks ago

KNOWN SCAMMER……….MAHI SINGH 844 757-8828 AND 844 672-9115

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Rhonda, very sorry to hear about your situation. One of the disadvantages of Bitcoin is that it’s basically digital cash – meaning no one insures it. In the case you are scammed out of your money you won’t be able to request any chargeback.
It’s also very hard to track Bitcoin transactions due to it’s somewhat anonymous nature. You could write about your incident here in hopes that if someone searches on Google for this guy they will find out what happened. Other options would be the BitcoinTalk Forum (in the scam accusations section) or BadBitcoin
Hope this helps.

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