When to split BTC from BTG in my wallet?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsWhen to split BTC from BTG in my wallet?
Eles asked 4 months ago

Hi, I participated in the Bcash split in my electrum wallet with the instructions posted on 99bitcoins and it worked great. Now my understanding is that Bgold split has occurred but coins have not been distributed. I normally wouldn’t mind waiting, but there’s another fork coming up (S2X) and it seems like that would complicate things because I’d want to split from there too and there’s this whole thing with replay protection. So, is it possible to split the Bgold from BTC in my electrum wallet the same as before? Do i need to wait until the coins are distributed? How will i know when that is? And what if it doesn’t happen until after the next fork? I have a pretty basic understanding of replay protection, but it seems to me like there will be no way to safely recover all possible freely distributed Bgold and S2X.

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Steven Hay answered 4 months ago

Hey Eles,
For the latest on Bitcoin Gold, I suggest checking their blog:


Right now, it looks they’ve got their testnet running. Main net should be up “soon.”
Until their main net is up, it won’t be possible to split your Bgold from your Bitcoin. The current situation is indeed very confusing, so I suggest sitting tight until things get worked out. It’s just not worth risking your real bitcoins by chasing these irresponsible forks, in my opinion.