wallet and private code

Ian Dorman asked 4 weeks ago

I do not have my wallet or the wallet.dat file but I do have my public key and my private code …is there any way to sell my bitcoins?

Test From Michael replied 4 weeks ago

test from Michael

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Ian,
OK, so when you say your “private code,” do you mean your password to the wallet or your private key? Your password will be whatever you set, whereas the private key will be a long string of random characters, probably around 52 characters in length and starting with an L or K.
I’m afraid that without the private key there’s nothing which can be done. The private key is the only way to authorise any movement of coins from its associated address.

Sreenivasa answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Ian, As per your details given, I assume a 50:50 chance to recover back. I am a professional and can help you with this and recover your account, but my charge would be 5% of the BTC remaining in your account, if account recovery is successful only. If you are genuine and really interested, please mail me @ [email protected]