Mitchell asked 1 month ago

Hi Ofir,
For the past 2 months I have tried to get verification from CoinBase and Bitstamp to open an account and biegin trading.
Since then  have seen Litecoin almost double in price and Bitcoin as well.
Till this very moment I find it imporsible to get verification approved… Coinbase says to wait until verified and BitStamp more of the same.
Is ther any other option to have mi ID verifieed.
I attacheched my passpot , SS number, and proff of residency but no luck,.
Do you have any suggestion or are able to refer me to someone who I can physically tall wit to get this sorted out.
I wouldlike to open positions in several coins before the end of this year.

Thanks you in advance

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Steven Hay answered 1 month ago

Hi Mitchell,
Yes, verification does take a while. There’s a huge influx of new users into crypto at this time and exchanges are struggling to keep up with the volumes. You could try registering with other exchanges like Gemini and Kraken and … well there are many more, check out our Best Bitcoin Exchanges for more options:

2018’s Best Bitcoin Exchanges – Bitcoin exchange comparison & review

If you’re sick of waiting however, you can try dealing directly with a person or even a Bitcoin ATM (BTM). Check out for help in finding a BTM or for finding a person to trade with in your area / country.  In both cases, verification should be much lighter (or absent) and you should be able to trade much faster. These options will be more expensive than using an exchange but if you believe BTC price is going to keep rising, then it may be worthwhile.
There will be an article on buying Bitcoin with cash coming out soon here on 99Bitcoins, so look out for that for more tips on these methods.

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