Troubleshooting the setup of IOTA wallet – "MAC"

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John G asked 6 days ago

While using the instructions posted here to setup the IOTA wallet , I keep running into one basic problem which is likely an easy fix. Here are the steps I followed and the spot where there is a stop:

  1. I downloaded the GUI .dmg file for IOTA wallet
  2. I moved the file into applications
  3. I launched the wallet
  4. I choose “Light mode”
  5. The field for “Host” is entirely blank     ???

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Steven Hay answered 5 days ago

Hi John,
I’ve never used a Mac or IOTA so I’m certainly no expert here… It seems to me that this is a simple problem however. You need to enter the location of a server for your light wallet to connect to, in order to get transaction information. You can find a list of IOTA server addresses here:
I believe that this is the most likely server to be up and stay up:

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