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Radenko asked 6 months ago

Where can i buy and sell cryptos if i am resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Any exchange i go keep hitting bumps and obstacles. Really want to start working with crypto currency but we are blocked anyway we go? Is it possible that my only option is eBay?
I want to start mining to but where am i gonna cash my earnings? I am complete noob but i want to learn and work, and as dollar vigilante says to get away from the system

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Zsofia Elek answered 6 months ago

Hi Radenko,
Not sure which exchanges have you tried so far, we have a detailed list of Bitcoin exchanges in this article, give a try some of them from here. Alternatively, you can find a LocalBitcoins trader in your area and buy Bitcoins in person.
In terms of Bitcoin mining, I suggest you start by reading this article.

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