Trading Bitcoins with Coinbase in Nigeria

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersTrading Bitcoins with Coinbase in Nigeria
Simisola asked 8 months ago

I was trying to trade via the coinbase site, and was told ” Buys not available in Nigeria.

If so, how do I get my money?

George replied 8 months ago

I tried trading on Bitcoin but not available in Nigeria, please how do I trade

2 Answers
Ofir Beigel Staff answered 8 months ago

Nigeria is currently not supported by Coinbase as it seems from their documentation. You’ll need to use another exchange in order to trade your Bitcoins like Local Bitcoins.

simisola replied 8 months ago

How do I trade with local Bitcoin?

Danie Potgieter answered 5 months ago

Good day. U can trade bit coin from Nigeria in local currency Naira using trading company ICE3X, they trade from south Africa and accepts Nigeria trough payment from Voguepay.  

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