the acclaimed only abundance based cryptocurrency

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Michael iheanacho oka asked 8 months ago

Good morning sir, I wish you to help me figure out the possibility that this coin will ever reach the presumed price of 1billion EUR per coin.
It is said that it is the only abundance based cryptocurrency around the world.
Though I have invested in it but is better late than never to make a findings on the decisions I made.
The site is sir and their trading platform is

Thanks in advance as I await your take sir.

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Ofir Beigel answered 8 months ago

Hello Michael, I have heard about The Billion Coin (TBC) but haven’t taken a deep look into it. From first glance it seems to be a ponzi scheme and I would probably not invest in it. However, I haven’t conducted any in depth analysis yet so I can’t say for sure. I suggest taking a look at these Google results and try to build a complete picture for yourself. Let me know what you find! Ofir

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