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Lauren asked 2 weeks ago

Any chance I could get someone to tell me what to do… I start with baby steps is like to invest some how but don’t have knowledge . I need to know the do’s & donts. the I need to know what to do where to go how to do it and the least amount I need to start doing it with. In not smart I know but all the resources are to much to understand I need it more simplified. Help me please . I am lost but really would like the help and appreciate it greatly.. please pm me lcsphx @ yahoo. Com thank you & god bless

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Lauren,
I suggest you sign up for our Bitcoin Beginner’s Course:

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And then read some of our more popular guides. See the content under Buying Guides and Wallet Reviews in particular. We’re here to help but unfortunately can’t go so far as to offer one-on-one training without compensation.

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