Tagging obituary authors

Jon asked 1 year ago

It would be nice if an obituary entry would specify the author of the article in question (where available), in addition to everything else that’s currently displayed. That would solve the problem of dishonest journalists and other “experts” selling us what’s essentially a free option, wherein they can play the “I told you so” game if Bitcoin fails, or stay quiet or even delete their original article if Bitcoin becomes a major success. It would force these faux “experts” to have some skin in the game, and forever be accountable for their “expert predictions” by virtue of those predictions always being connected to their names and one google search away.

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Jon thanks for the improvement offer. However all articles currently have the source link on them so I guess finding out who the author was is pretty simple. Also if they do decide to erase the article there’s always the Web Archive that saves everything that was ever uploaded to the net.
However, I understand your point of “one Google search away” – I will try to include the author’s name inside the Google title at least where possible. Great advice!