Sweeping vs sending max funds to the new wallet

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batman asked 6 months ago


I just got a nano S and I made a new electrum wallet for it. I want to move everything from my other electrum wallet to this.

Initially I was just going to send the whole thing using the max function but then realized there are a lot of change addresses and I needed to consolidate them otherwise pay a high fee.

Is it easier/cheaper to sweep? Or is the tx fees the same?

Also, if I’m sweeping, how can I know if my wallet’s funds are using more than one private key and in which case how can that be swept?

Thank you in advance :)

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Ofir Beigel answered 6 months ago

Hey Batman (so cool to have Batman here),
I actually asked around a bit for this since I didn’t know the answer myself. The answer I got was that there shouldn’t be any difference since sweeping basically needs to aggregate all of your transactions as well. 
Regarding your second question – if you’re using more than one private key, I’m not sure I understand that. Can you please explain ?

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