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John asked 3 weeks ago

Thanks for taking my question.  I’m farily new to cryptocurrency, learning more daily.  I found your site while looking for Trezor vs Ledger advice(good article, by the way), as I do have some Bitcoin and Ethereum.  While I was here, I found your “ask me anything”…so, here goes.  It’s my understanding that Paycon was started as a joke, but has developed sort of a cult following.  Here’s the question:  Those who have Paycon, how do they keep it safe?  I don’t see a Paycon wallet.  Was thinking about giving a little bit to my ten year old nephew, you know, a low risk entry into the world of alt currency.

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Steven Hay answered 3 weeks ago

Hey John,
Never heard of this one but I guess it’s ripping on Paycoin, a big old scamcoin launched by Josh Garza. I think that guy’s in jail now.
Anyway, you should be able to get a wallet from the wallet links here:
Although if I may say, I think Dogecoin might be a better introduction to crypto for a youngster. It’s intended to be light-hearted and has more of an active ecosystem / community around it. It’s also really cheap. Check it out here:

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