Software mining, is it "True" or "SCAM" ?

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Nad asked 2 weeks ago

Have so many mobile apps and/or software programs for mining, for different cryptocurrencies, with different techniques:

  • Pressing a button every half hour.
  • Watching adds.
  • Finishing quizs.
  • Installing other apps/games with specific tasks
  • Finishing surveys, etc…

Minimum amount to be transfered to wallet also varies, (0.004 – 0.005 BTC, 1 ETH, etc…) takes between 15 to 30 days to complete.
Transfer to the wallet, takes from 24 hours, up to one time per month (specific date) -as they claim-.


I have tried some apps, but did not receive the payments !!
Are these apps and software, just “SCAM” and are a waste of time ?
Is there “True” apps/softwares can make “True” mining, and “successful” transfer ??
Thank you for helping ..

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Nad,
Well, these aren’t mining apps. They’re pay-to-click apps. I can’t really dismiss them all out of hand as scams, especially without knowing which particular apps they are, but I can say that you’re unlikely to make good money from any of them.
Generally these kind of apps are a way to get you to look at ads. The companies behind them will pay out way less than they get from advertisers to keep you using them. They’re probably not worth your time. If you want to earn crypto, you should at providing services or selling goods for it instead.

Steven Hay replied 2 weeks ago

See our section on earning Bitcoins for some recommendations:

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