Shocking bad reviews on the ledger nano and trazor apps on google app store

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Josh asked 1 month ago

Was shocked to read 100  recent december2017 reviews on the google play store full of negativty relating to the new ledger nano and trezor wallets was disgusted to read them to be honest after reading nothing but positive reviews here but to read 100, of negative reviews for both wallets dont know what to think 200 people disgusted all with the same complaints, please read at the australia google play store for the new ledger nano and the trezor apps

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Steven Hay answered 1 month ago

Hi Josh,
Is it possible that these so-called Trezor and Ledger wallets on the Google App store are in fact scam software wallets, using these well-known brands to steal people’s bitcoins? I don’t know how to check Australia’s Play Store, but this seems the most likely explanation to me… As far as I know, Trezor doesn’t even have an Android app out…
Both are hardware wallets in any case. You can’t download them, they have to be physically delivered…
Suggest that you read those reviews and find out whether this is the case. I can assure you that both these hardware wallets are very good devices.

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