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Kai asked 2 months ago

Last updated on November 18th, 2017 at 05:34 pm

I am looking for a website similar to
To see the development activity and other activities, this help a lot to avoid invest in (scam and dead coins)
it will be better if I can check more websites analytics and not depend on only one website

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Steven Hay answered 2 months ago

Hey Kai,
Good thinking to look for a “second opinion.” I’m not aware of any other sites which offer subjective assessment’s of a coin, with categories like Coingecko’s ratings for Developer, Community & Public Interest.
What I suggest instead is using Coingecko to create a shortlist of coins which interest you, or at least to eliminate the dead coins. From there, check these attributes yourself.
To rate Developers, visit a coin’s GitHub repository and check the pace of development and resolution of issues. To rate the Community, visit the coin’s social media channels (eg. reddit, Twitter, IRC, etc.) and check for activity and tone. Lots of technical debate is a good sign. Finally, for Public Interest, check out global search activity via Google Trends and perhaps the Alexa rating for the project’s home page.
I doubt Coingecko is doing much more than the above things to generate their rankings. It may not be clear how to rate coins initially, but the more you compare them to one another, the clearer things will become. Bear in mind that there are other factors influencing a coin’s success which are a lot more resistant to analysis, eg. the unknown plans of wealthy individuals or groups.

Kai replied 2 months ago

Thanks Steven.

if the Circulating Supply & Total Supply are very high like Cardano (ADA) for example, many Billions, is that a bad thing for price growing? I imagin if that grow to 100 then the total price will be unimaginable SO can that happen for such Billions of supply? WHat is your opinion.

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