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Murali Krishna asked 7 months ago

Hi There,I am new to this Bitcoin Environment. Yesterday, while going through websites of the Bitcoin. I came across a website “ where I selected for 1.50 BTC. The Webpage states giving 1.50 BTC for the only small amount.Then I paid 0.018 BTC for the Mining fee and 0.05 BTC for the processing fee. And I haven\’t received the Bitcoins from them.When can I receive the Bitcoins from them or is it Fake or scam?Please provide a solution to this problem.Is it possible to get my money back.

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Ofir Beigel answered 7 months ago

Hi Murali,
I’m not familiar with the site you’ve mentioned but I’m guessing that it might be a scam. Bitcoin transactions are basically irreversible, so they only way to get your money back is if the site send it to you.
For next time I suggest:

  1. Using the Bitcoin scam test before investing in any site
  2. Reading this post about Bitcoin investments
  3. Reading this post about Bitcoin safety

Sorry to hear about this.

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