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Mike asked 3 months ago

I have a failed/ unspent transaction from months back see
Transaction ID: c7f6ce4e74f40d0f290a1e4b3a76bca1a5f4412e77c50ab6d4b20a16b9e2e8ae
As you can see this was never confirmed, however the funds haven’t been returned to my wallet (
Bitcoin Core). I’ve tried rescans, zaps & reinstalling the wallet software. Nothing has worked. How can i recover my wallet to show the true bitcoin amount. Blockchain shows the true amount.Please help

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 1 day ago

I see it was confirmed

akhil replied 2 days ago

same as he mentioned. f67b9a6493c5984dc4a41a0b1a2719c9b1f3c14b92a4a86c0d8326bb146b8018 what can i do with it to get spent

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello, this transaction has been confirmed 13976 times as shown here:
Not sure exactly why you are saying it’s unconfirmed.

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