problems with my spanish bank to send euros to Bitstamp

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Lola asked 4 months ago

I have Bitstamp account since 2014
When I opened it, I deposited euros from a Spanish bank and I had no problems
Now I want to make a deposit but my bank tells me that the account associated with Bitstamp is fraudulent and will not let me do it.
I do not know what to do.
Some European bank that does not pose problems with BITSTAMP?
Thank you!!

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Zsofia Elek answered 4 months ago

Hi Lola,
Indeed some banks do not allow transfers to Bitcoin exchanges due to their own internal regulations. This depends on the bank’s compliance decision how they treat cryptocurrencies and varies by each bank. Another option is to purchase Bitcoins through credit card, you can check the exchanges which let you purchase Bitcoin with a credit card.  

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