Poloniex Lending

Noah asked 6 months ago

I currently have a lot of bitcoins in my poloniex account being lent out from now through around August 9th. With August 1st coming up, and me having no way to withdraw my coins, what’s my best plan of action? Will I most likely lose my coins? Should I withdraw them as soon as I can or wait even longer? I just don’t know poloniex’s policies or what to expect.

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Zsofia Elek answered 6 months ago

Hi Noah, according to the latest news I find about Poloniex, they will not support any hard forks. This means you will receive the same Bitcoins back on Aug 9th when your lending contract matures. You can read more about how the hard fork impacts the coins stored on exchanges here. At the end it is your decision what to do based on your view on the future of Bitcoin.

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