please, i need help before i invest

Bitcoin Questions and Answersplease, i need help before i invest
Edgar Murillo asked 1 week ago

So i stumbled across the absolute highest TH/s miner ive ever seen, some people say this company is a scam, others give it 4 or 5 star revues at So i need for a fact before i invest. is the SMART MINER 3.0 ULTIMATE RACK MOUNT 50TH/S BITCOIN MINER real?

Steven Hay replied 1 week ago

Hey Edgar,

Kai is quite right, thanks Kai. See our guide to spotting Bitcoin scams:

Ropesta raises a number of red flags in that process. Based on a thread I found on the Dash forum, I can say with almost 100% confidence that Ropesta is a total scam:

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Kai answered 1 week ago


just search on google and when you see many bad reviews, then go away from that company :0), this is what I do :0)

I saw that there is a lot of bad reviews about, they are also not have even https……….

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